No! I will not promise you a 1000% return. It is up to you to make your choices and create your future.

Where are we in this long journey?

12 Days Left: “Why Omnifeather matters for Feathercoin?”

Hi, here we go with the second day of our countdown to the Omnifeather activation. If you watched the video introducing Omnifeather you have probably understood the main concepts but it might still sounds a bit abstract. It is not you, blockchain technology is not easy to understand especially because it is usually about technologyContinue reading “12 Days Left: “Why Omnifeather matters for Feathercoin?””

13 Days Left: “Why copying a business is better than innovate?”

Hey man, what a title for the first article. Oh, yes, I wanted to start a bit sarcastic and in the same time reveal some important concepts. Since 2013 Feathercoin has been copying the others cryptocurrencies in a beautiful way. Why should we reinvent the wheel when BITCOIN is outrageously dominating the market since 2009?Continue reading “13 Days Left: “Why copying a business is better than innovate?””

Well, 7 years is the age of reason, the fundamentals are mastered and we begin to develop our personality. You know, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see each of us having success together.