WHY this PROGRAM is different?

Well, 7 years is the age of reason, the fundamentals are mastered and we begin to develop our personality. You know, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see each of us having success together.

Feathercoin Writer

On this blog, I will disclose many information in order to give you a powerful understanding of the crypto world in order to boost your intuition and help you transform your relationship to wealth.

You probably want ask me WHY I am doing this?

  • First, over the last 3 years, I have learned a lot about the crypto world with good and bad experiences. I would like to offer this knowledge to people like YOU. Yes, I am sure, you are a curious and positive person and you are ready to change your current situation.
  • Second, I believe in the crypto-currencies following the original Satoshi Nakamoto vision. Feathercoin is an open community and accessible to everyone! It is a unique chance for you to start practicing with an easy, cheap and reliable coin.

You will ask me HOW to do that?

  • First, like any education system the key is spaced repetition. It means that to understand and integrate new information you must read it again and again during a long period. This is the reason WHY I am offering this FREE program to you over one full year.
  • Second, the information will cover different pillars such as: history, technology, news analysis. Nothing else? Well, I am pretty sure I will get some traction… You and the community will provide me great feedback in order to improve the daily program.

What’s NEXT?

Every day, a Twitter monetized campaign will be triggered. So it is a unique opportunity for you to accumulate FEATHERCOIN and discover further this amazing world.

So, stay tuned, invite your friends, follow me on twitter and subscribe on this blog.

I cannot wait to see the launch. I hope you are ready to fasten your seat belt!

Warm regards from Feathercoin Writer.

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