HOW to MULTIPLE the value of YOUR giveaways a hundredfold?

Here we are! It is Monday May 4th, a beautiful day. Today I would like to talk about giveaways. You will tell me that you know already about Crypto giveaways, you receive giveaways for months or years and still it doesn’t value too much money.

Well, let me give you some perspective.

When you receive a giveaway, let say you have now a total of 4 Feathercoin (FTC). What are the options?

  • You decide to give it to a friend or to contribute back to the community.
  • You decide to exchange it against Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.
  • You decide to hold it for while until it takes more value.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Let me explain further.


Reward a friend, a community or charity. Donation of even a small amount could give you great recognition. You can donate your reward through normal wallet transfer or using some tip tools such as coinkit. I am pretty sure that you will receive more in return!

Feathercoin Development Donation Address is : 6p8u3wtct7uxRGmvWr2xvPxqRzbpbcd82A


Your second option is to exchange your gift against another cryptocurrency or fiat money. This option is for the short term actors, people without a real vision looking for quick profit. For Feathercoin you can use the following exchange.

However, you might have difficulties to exchange low volumes of FTC. In fact exchanges usually apply a minimum fee. This is where you can consider buying some more FTC. In fact if you buy for $50 of FTC you could have around 6,290 FTC. Adding those coins to your collected rewards / giveaways will allow you to sell it later on.


The last option is most probably the best one.

In the crypto world, people holding coins for long time are called hodlers. When you believe in a project, you invest for a long term. In other words you plant seeds and then you leave the time creating the fruits before you collect it.

On May 22, 2010, a programmer purchased two large Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins, worth about $30 at the time; today it has a value of $86 million.

Famous Bitcoin Pizza story

Okay, you will tell me that Feathercoin is not Bitcoin. And definitely it is not but it is a part of it and made of the same DNA. Let’s take some examples:

  • You hold 10 FTC. Value as of May 4th 2020: 10 x $0.007948 = $0.07948
  • Feathercoin return to its All-Time-High of $1.45: 10 x $1.45 = $14.5

$14.5 is not extraordinary! I agree, but remember that it comes from 4 FTC that you received in a couple of days by retweeting some posts. Now imagine that you receive one FTC per day during one year. Yes this is possible by following my “Feathercoin to Mars” Program on Twitter.

  • You hold 365 FTC. Value as of May 4th 2020: 365 FTC x $0.007948 = $2.90
  • Feathercoin return to its All-Time-High of $1.45: 365 FTC x $1.45 = $529.25

$529.25 is much better no? What do you think? But what about a last scenario whereby you buy today $50 of Feathercoin? In one year, you will hold around 6,655 FTC.

  • You hold 6,655 FTC. Value as of May 4th 2020: 6,655 FTC x $0.007948 = $52.90
  • Feathercoin return to its All-Time-High of $1.45: 6,655 FTC x $1.45 = $9649.75

Here we are! If you follow this program for one year and buy $50 of Feathercoin today you could expect as more as $10,000 in one year. Of course it is an optimistic scenario! But the worst case scenario is that you loose the entire $50!

This is how everything started for me. I started with a small invest and time after time, I sell some coins and bought other. Look at the recent meteoric rise of Digibyte. You missed it right? Do you want to leave the next opportunity to others?

It is YOUR decision to be smart and choose one of those 3 methods.

If you choose the option to hold and invest, please tell your friends when Feathercoin is still at a cheap price. And the more people invest now, the quicker the price will recover to its all-time-high or even higher.

I never stop dreaming! Do YOU?

What about 10$ per FTC?

10$ per FTC would correspond to the current market capitalization of Litecoin.

10$ x 6,655 FTC = 66,655$. It’s not yet enough for the famous Lamborghini.

TRUE! You know WHAT? INVEST $200 today and it can reach $266,620!

Do you understand? It is YOUR decision to take action!

So click on the below button before the price sky rocket!

Warm regards from Feathercoin Writer

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