DAY 001: HOW to get 1% of all Feathercoin circulating supply in ONE Day?

Hello, today I am happy to welcome new readers. Whenever you are an old crypto expert or a newbie, you have the opportunity to learn new information by reading this article careful.

Let me first “THANK YOU” for the precious time you are taking to read this new information. Feathercoin has been created 7 years ago; for us it is important to take time and build a strong community.


Quote from many old forums and articles

You may ask: “What is MINING”? Let come back to some basics. Cryptocurrency such as BITCOIN or FEATHERCOIN are created by the operation of mining. For Feathercoin today, every minute, 40 FTC are created as a reward to the system who resolve a complex mathematical equation. Overtime, it creates the circulating supply of the currency. The more systems are mining the same currency, the more the network security increase but the less chance you have to obtain the reward.

This process of resolving the equation and getting reward is call “MINING“.

When Feathercoin was launched April 16h 2013 in the evening, the mining power was so high that thousands of blocks have been mined within the first few hours and the difficulty mechanism took time time to regulate to the right generation frequency.

As a result, around 3 millions of the total coins of 336 millions were mined in a few days.

I will not enter into the technical details but yes around 1% of the coins were mined by a few number of first believer in Feathercoin and not only Developers.

As of today 222,243,678 FTC have been mined or 66,14% of the maximum supply. So does is make really a difference?

Are you complaining about Satoshi Nakamoto wallet which contains for billion dollars of BITCOIN?

Today, looking at order book in BITTREX, YOU can BUY 1% of FTC for around 5 Bitcoins.

Yes you hear me. For the first time in his history, you can buy as much as 1% of Feathercoin for as less as 5 BTC. Yes it is a lot money and you may start with a lower investment. So here we are based on BITTREX order book on May 5th 2020 11:30 am CET.

  • 3,360 FTC or 0.001% cost 0.00323 BTC or $28,55
  • 33,360 FTC or 0.01% cost 0.03259 BTC or $288,08
  • 336,000 FTC or 0.1% cost 0.33252 BTC or $2.939,32
  • 3,360,000 FTC or 1% cost 4.61132 BTC or $40.761,95

This is a unique opportunity to achieve your dream. Don’t be attracted by all the brand new coins. It looks attractive but in crypto only time create value and we are here to stay.

Remember that your investment of today can be multiple a hundredfold!

The Feathercoin team is a COMMUNITY whereby each one donate his time and nobody is being paid. Thank YOU to all of them for their effort towards the initial vision of an open alternative to BITCOIN operated by the community.

You are very welcome to join us in our community and contribute to its growth. Let send Feathercoin to Mars together.

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