DAY 002: The 5 reasons WHY Feathercoin is BETTER than Bitcoin

Hello World! I cannot believe the growing interest that we receive everyday and I would like to Thank You again for the time you are spending with me.

FEATHERCOIN (FTC) better than Bitcoin; Are you kidding?

Well look at the below 5 reasons and let met know your thoughts! Have a nice reading.

Oh yes, a last remark, remember that FEATHERCOIN is based on the same software code than Bitcoin with only a few adjustments which makes it unique. Each time a new version of Bitcoin is released, FEATHERCOIN is upgraded to the same level of features and security.

Now, let’s go with the 5 reasons which makes FEATHERCOIN Better than BITCOIN.

  1. Faster Transaction Processing. FEATHERCOIN creates one new block each 1 minute while bitcoin creates a new block every 10 minutes. Therefore the transactions are handle much faster with FEATHERCOIN. In less than 1 minute your payment is completed. Well OK, the 10 minute of Bitcoins is better than many traditional bank payments delay, but what about 1 minutes! Oh God, FEATHERCOIN is fast and it is fantastic!
  2. Larger Number of Transaction Processing. A second effect of the block being created every minute is capacity 10 times higher to process the transactions. The capacity ensure that every transaction passed is processed straight away on the next block. How many times I had to wait more than 1 hour to have my transactions processed with BITCOIN; it is so stressful! With FEATHERCOIN you stay peaceful!
  3. Cheaper Transaction Fee. As a result of the FEATHERCOIN higher capacity, the transaction fee is ridiculous on FEATHERCOIN and you can be sure that your transaction is processed directly. Today on Bitcoin, you have to pay extra fees if you want your transactions being completed fast as each block are fully loaded. Therefore the transactions paying more fees are processed in priority. Are you telling me that BITCOIN is for an elite? Yes, it is the case today. FEATHERCOIN is the same code base, same security but accessible to everyone from anywhere.
  4. More Decentralized. FEATHERCOIN blocks are mined with the neoscrypt algorithm opposed to SHA-256 for Bitcoin. This algorithm is ASIC resistant. What does it means? Well, over time big industries have been developing specific computer to mine Bitcoin. Therefore only large corporations are able to mine bitcoin today meaning that only a few companies are operating the entire network. FEATHERCOIN can be mined with any computer as soon as you have a powerful GPU (Graphical Card). It means that each of you can mine FEATHERCOIN and get a part of the reward (40 FTC created every minute). Therefore, FEATHERCOIN is more decentralized as more people with different interest are mining it! FEATHERCOIN is for you and me; it is a B2C cryptocurrency.
  5. A stronger community. FEATHERCOIN has a strong community. Since 7 years, Peter Bushnell the founder of FEATHERCOIN lead the development and stick to his initial vision of a light coin accessible to everybody. Bitcoin has a split community; overtime broken in new coins such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Feathercoin has no funding, all the developments are performed on the free time of the community members. Some member are offering infrastructure such as servers and the marketing efforts are at 0. We know the strong foundation will pay overtime. We are FEATHERCOIN and we are here to stay.

FEATHERCOIN is not for the Elite, it will help you to learn and grow. Nevertheless if you stack some FTC now you might become rich.

7 years is the age of reason, the fundamentals are mastered and we begin to develop our personality. You know, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see each of us having success together.

The Feathercoin Writer

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