DAY 004: Accumulate as much Feathercoin as Satoshi Nakamoto holds Bitcoin

980,000 is the number of BITCOINS hold by Satoshi Nakamato, the pseudonym given to the creator of BITCOIN.

At the current price of $10,000 it represent $9,8 billions.

Imagine, what would you do with this incredible wealth.

I must admit, I take some minutes to think about it and honestly I have no idea! This is so huge. I guess it can help millions of people to live a better World. What do you think?

Last night, I cannot fall asleep, the full-moon and the clear sky were giving me so much energy… I understand that you might be in a different timezone and location and you didn’t experience exactly like me but one event was international:

Did you follow live Bitcoin breaking $10,000?… What an intense moment! So exciting, I cannot leave my screen…

Yes we are back below (at the time of writing) to refuel energy before it goes to the MOON.

But wait a minute. The title speak about Feathercoin and not Bitcoin. So what about 980,000 Feathercoin?

When I look at the list of richest Feathercoin address, as of today May 9th 2020, I can see that 41 addresses hold more than 980,000 FTC.

For those people it was a DREAM at some stage and through FAITH and PERSISTENCE they finally achieved there GOAL.

Today 980,000 FTC is worth $8,852. At the lowest point this year it was worth $3,684.

I cannot predict the future (yet) but I am sure that when BITCOIN goes to the MOON in parallel FEATHERCOIN will go “TO MARS” thanks to leverage.

We are at a turning point. It is still time for you to set a dream, visualize it and keep the faith. The world is changing and it gives many opportunities to people with a strong mind. Like any muscle the mind must be trained.

Like I do, work on your vision everyday and stay focus. Your life will change.

Feathercoin Writer

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