DAY 005: Here is the METHOD that helps Cryptocurrencies EVOLVE over time

Dear Friend, how is it going today? A nice Saturday in perspective. I wish you good time with your family, may be some adventure today?

Isn’t time to disconnect just a little bit from the Crypto World? I know it’s turning 24/24 7/7 (opposed to traditional market) and it’s not too bad to be addicted after all…

The METHOD that helps Cryptocurrencies evolve over time can be summarize in one word: TEAM.

What is a team? The dictionary definition tell us “a number of people or animals who DO something TOGETHER as a group”.

To succeed, the group must have key values and a great spirit:

  • Being a strong community with diversity in culture and competencies.
  • Sharing the same vision and objectives.
  • Accept that the “HOW” might change over time to fulfill the vision.

Today, many people, are focusing on the technology, on the blockchain, on the new innovation. I must admit that I personally pay attention to that as well; do you?

In fact, these elements are part of the “HOW” which is basically not the key factor of success. If you want any success in your life, you have first to concentrate on the WHAT and on the WHY; basically working on your vision.

FEATHERCOIN, as a team, as a community is focusing on the VISION and nothing disturb us from it. We are not looking for the technology hype, rather we introduce slowly the key features to evolve and grow toward our initial vision of an open cryptocurrency accessible to all.

Keep your team, group, community strongly together is the most important. How? Doesn’t matter, stay focus on this community spirit and you will see results.

Your attention to these daily articles proof that you are someone looking for new perspectives, someone developing himself and looking for new solid foundations out of the main stream hypes.

You are at the right place, at the right time. Let’s the magic of this COMMUNITY expends our universe (and the market cap of our favorite coin ;-)).

Your friend,

Feathercoin Writer.

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