DAY008: The SECRET of the OLD Cryptocurrencies to stay at the TOP

Day 8, it means that a full week of our program “Feathercoin to Mars” has passed already. It has been a fantastic journey so far, I hope you are enjoying it as well!

I thank you very much for your feedback on Twitter, in the blog comments or on the Telegram. It creates many information loops which stimulates further the inspiration of those daily articles.

Before entering the details, let me define OLD and TOP.

  • OLD. How do you define OLD considering that BITCOIN was created January 3rd 2009? You know, if you consider BITCOIN has 11 years old, let’s set the threshold on January 3rd 2014.
  • TOP. What about your definition of TOP. I guess, many people would immediately think about the price or the market capitalization. However, those days you can have a brand new coin with an amazing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which is valued millions of dollars while a few months later it comes to zero. Don’t you agree? Here, I consider a TOP cryptocurrency to be running a secure, efficient and resilient network. Yes, it is a limited number of factors, I agree and will come back with a more exhaustive list in another article.

Back to the initial expectation. “What is the SECRET of the cryptocurrencies started before January 3r 2014 to remain at the TOP with regards to the security, efficiency and resilience?”

All his about EXPERIENCE. Blockchain technology has been introduced with BITCOIN and since then many new frameworks have been developed to simplify the development of Blockchain applications. However only a few people understand the core and deep fundamentals of Blockchain.

So the SECRET is to have EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS in our team in order to master the basics not only of the development language but also of the core blockchain principles.

OK, so if I hire an experienced blockchain developer my project will be a success right?

The application will probably work perfect. However a second ingredient is required. In fact, to have a top cryptocurrency you need an experienced developer who has also experience in OPERATING the blockchain.

Operating the blockchain? Yes, once your application is running, you need to maintain it, update it, troubleshoot in a smart and timeless manner. Only a developer who has experience running blockchains over many years get the reflex and intuition to keep it running well overtime.

I personally used to be an operator for a financial service company and I must admit that the OPERATION world, the pressure which goes along with it was a life changing experience. If you never practice it, you don’t know it…

Today, FEATHERCOIN has the chance to work with a very experienced team. Peter Bushnell, the creator of FEATHERCOIN is leading the project since day one. In parallel he works also on the BITCOIN development and in many other altcoins projects. Therefore he has accumulated overtime an amazing experience. This experience and quality is not reflected in the price today because as a challenger, FEATHERCOIN has been criticize many times along the years and the team was never running campaign or promotion to defend or counter-attack those criticize.

We accept the situation, as the whole Crypto World must work together to achieve the social and economic impact that it was expected to be. Each project as role to play being positive or negative.

In history, every GENIUS were criticized before they become the well recognize GENIUS.

I see a brilliant future for FEATHERCOIN which is not so far from here.

Your Friend,

Feathercoin Writer

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