DAY 013: How MARKETING alone can INFLUENCE the Market VALUE?

While today many traditional analyst are still looking at intrinsic value for BITCOIN, when so much people knows about BITCOIN, you don’t need to associate BITCOIN with traditional financial concepts.

Intrinsic value doesn’t ring you a bell right? Whatever.

To make it simple… (you know, this is what I am doing in my daily article and I hope you appreciate it), there is two core pillars to consider for any coin in existence:

  • Technology and usability. The PRODUCT.
  • The market offer and appearance. The OFFER.

The actual perception of the PRODUCT and the OFFER by the people creates the VALUE and ultimately gives the PRICE and the MARKET CAPITALIZATION.

The best product of the World with a poor offer will results in a negative sentiment from the people and therefore a low value.

A complex and non-functional product with a great offer will results in a positive sentiment from the people and therefore of high value.

A bit simple no? Well, I would say that this point of view is true in the short term, while in the LONG TERM the REAL VALUE of the product can’t be hidden and show by itself one day or another.

And what about the MARKETING in that context? The marketing is the art of creating the best possible OFFER in order to touch the emotions of the PEOPLE and get them into your space and buy your product.

Today, the Crypto World looks like a huge marketing machine whereby each coin is the best of the World. We are running from one HYPE to the other and only a few have real use cases today.

Overtime BITCOIN has become a store of value similar to GOLD. History shows us that other metals such as silver are used to store value. FEATHERCOIN is derived from BITCOIN and hold the same characteristics as a store of value…

Let see how the time will reveal the true value of our product.

Don’t be influenced by the hype and strong marketing of all new coins (except if you are a trader and you are looking for quick profit while knowing how to mitigate the risks). Look at the facts.

Live each day as if it were your last.

Feathercoin Writer

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