DAY 014: The RISE of the different WALLET VERSIONS on the NETWORK

Hi Everyone, hello World. We are Monday, a new beautiful week is starting. We are at day 14 of the Feathercoin to Mars program. Do you believe in a strong break of the $10,000 level for BITCOIN? I do believe, I can’t wait to see a new All-time-high in the next coming months.

Wallet version? Sounds technical right. In fact, is important to understand the matter where you invest. Whether you invest money or time and effort, in both cases you need to perfectly understand the matter your are “paying” with.

This is the purpose of this blog and program to give you a better understanding of the various Crypto World pillars; I receive many positive feedback so far and I thank you again for that.

See below a list of current Feathercoin network version of wallets. (Full list available here: Feathercoin Bitcoin)

As you can see, there is many different versions of the Wallet.

Why do we have so many versions?

As you know, Feathercoin is based on the BITCOIN software. The bitcoin community releases a new wallet version every 6 months. Some months later, the Feathercoin development team upgrade the Feathercoin core wallet to the same code based version as Bitcoin. In addition, the Feathercoin team creates sub-versions of the wallet in order to implement specific features or specific security patches.

Let met illustrate that we a example:

  • On May 2, 2019: BITCOIN V0.18 – Major Version Release
  • On Aug 9, 2019: BITCOIN V0.18.1 – Minor Version Release
  • On Aug 19, 2019: FEATHERCOIN v0.18.1 – Major release based on Bitcoin V0.18.1
  • On Nov 24, 2019: BITCOIN V0.19 – Major Version Release
  • On Jan 20, 2020: FEATHERCOIN v0.18.2 release – Minor release with Feathercoin specific features fine-tuning.
  • On Feb 12, 2020: FEATHERCOIN v0.18.3 release – Minor release with Feathercoin specific features fine-tuning.

You can see here how closely Feathercoin follows Bitcoin in term of release upgrades. (Full description of Feathercoin wallet versions are available here.)

So, if you have followed me, you now understand that the next logical step is the release of the Feathercoin V0.19 release :-). And obviously, Peter Bushnell is working on it right now. We are very lucky to have outstanding developers following closely all the Bitcoin development in order to upgrade Feathercoin with a regular pace.

Ok, now you better understand why these new versions are created but why do we have so many different versions on the network? In fact, each user when embracing a specific cryptocurrency may install a wallet. Overtime, while new wallet version are available, the user keep its old wallet version running. In fact in most cases, the old wallet versions are still compatible with the new versions and therefore the upgrade (while recommended) is not mandatory.

As a result, we see overtime many different versions of the wallet running on the network. Hopefully, the majority of the wallet are running the latest versions and therefore increase the overall security level.

It is clear now but is there any obsolescent of the wallet at some stage? Yes, the development community can decide to change a feature or to stop supporting a certain old wallet version.

My advice for today is to look at you wallet version and make sure to update it to one of the 2-3 latest version. You will get more performance and security together with some new features.

Have a lovely day.

Feathercoin Writer

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