DAY 015: The SECRET MINDSET to expend the entire CRYPTO WORLD

Dear Friends, in any business, situation, what is most important than the mindset you have at the moment you think and act. BITCOIN has been created and designed as an alternative to the established centralized monetary system.

The traditional monetary system becomes more and more centralized as we speak. Indeed the CENTRAL BANK are injecting massive liquidity and buying any kind of debt. Banks are not independent anymore but just the branches of the central banks following the instructions from the top.

Today, many people buy crypto as an investment vehicle like they would buy equities or bonds. As a results, they are looking for (quick) profit and ultimately to convert their gain back in FIAT money. The many people following this behavior is probably one of the reason why BITCOIN is sill accepted by many countries.

In fact, if BITCOIN is an investment vehicle, therefore, it is NOT a alternative monetary system but only a financial instrument which helps generating profit and a full economical segment. Do you think that crypto exchange employees are paid in crypto? partially may be but still all these activities generate FIAT flows which are good for the normal economy.

This (bad) habit is probably what is blocking the crypto to grow quicker and get massive adoption. We should learn about thinking in BITCOIN and not in FIAT anymore.

When the EURO was created, each European country left his national money and get EURO for a fix exchange rate. Do you think people are still “thinking” in old national money today? There is no connection anymore with the old money, it is a new reality.

People believing in BITCOIN should have the same mindset. Think about BITCOIN as your new money. Convert a part of your income in BITCOIN every month and forget about its FIAT value. If every person in the World convert 5% of his income in BITCOIN, the value of BITCOIN would become so high that all shops would start using and adopting BITCOIN to provide you means to spend it.

What about the altcoins? Once you consider BITCOIN has your main stream asset, the altcoins could be consider as investment vehicles. Therefore you can invest a part of your bitcoin in the altcoin you believe in like you would invest in the company you believe in.

If you think that way, you don’t really care anymore about the BITCOIN price fluctuation. (Do you look daily at the exchange rate USD/EUR or USD/GBP?). You are a part of this new economy, this new universe without borders or government whereby the communities are setting the rules.

It might look like a dream but only a growing number of persons with this mindset shift will release the full potential of BITCOIN.

The FEATHERCOIN team has this MINDSET and we believe it is the only way to have an impact in the LONG TERM.

Join us today and help us bringing this new economy system forward, to CREATE this new REALITY.

Warm regards,

Feathercoin Writer

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