DAY 023: Do you really MASTER the BASICS of CRYPTO?

Dear followers, this is already the 4th week of our long journey. For regular reader, I am pretty sure that you start looking at the crypto World a bit differently. I am really happy if you see the changes! For the new joiners, only perseverance on daily reading and practicing will help you to get their. To that next level of understanding.

Today, i would like to come back to a very simple thing. The first element of the entire pyramid being your private key.

The PRIVATE KEY the key to access your wallet. As I mentioned in my article of yesterday, if you lose your private key, you lose your funds.

Do you know the famous sentence: “Live each day as if it were your last”

I don’t wish you it, but imagine this is your last day. Over the past months, years you have accumulated a solid stack in different cryptocurrencies.

Those cryptocurrencies are spread around different devices or services. What will happen to your funds when you die?

Did you explained to your partner or family where your crypto are stored?

Did you told them your passphrase or secret key location?

In the traditional banking system, as a legal member of the family you could access the funds but in the crypto world, it is another story.

Don’t you think it is time to look at the basics and protect your wealth. You will do it later right? May be, this is a common behavior.

Understanding (Education) and practicing (doing) are the key elements to have a brilliant future with the crypto World.

I am currently building a full program to help you get there; meanwhile stay tuned and look at the daily article. Day after day, it will bring you new perspectives.

Warm regards from Feathercoin Writer

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