DAY 024: BUILD your own CRYPTO promotion page and get a great reward

How works marketing? Two main principles. The offer and the product.

The most important is the offer as it bring emotion to the audience.

Two days ago, I was presented to the interesting concept of the Million Fiat Home Page. It is so simple and inspired from the Million Dollar Home Page story.

It is just a copy of an existing business? No, it is inspired of it with just some different ingredients.

The magic here, is that the value of each Crypto is changing over time.

Therefore a promotion of just 5$ today could become 500$ in a few times and therefore your marketing investment will follow the evolution of your crypto currency. On his side, the organizer will get all the crypto as a reward to its promotion of the page all over the world.

This is very encouraging for the people who want to promote their projects and believe on it.

See below the current status as of 28th May 2020. Let see where Feathercoin will be on day 100 of our program.

This is just a sample showing how a very simple promotion project can be very powerful for its creator (as he get all the coins provided on that page).

Our society is a society of information. Most of the money today is made out of information and not over goods anymore. Creating content or innovative ways to present the information are the best paths towards business success.

Think about that a minute. With the power of social media, a single idea could have an amazing effect.

Once you have found your own crazy promotion system, talk about Feathercoin all over the world and let the force expending our community.

See you tomorrow

Feathercoin Writer

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