DAY 025: The MYSTERIOUS moves of the WHALES on the BLOCKCHAIN

Dear friends, it is 20:20 CET at the time I am start writing this article of today. I was just looking at some Feathercoin parameters when I observed two events:

  1. Price goes up 4% on Bittrex with an interesting 97 sat. We are so close to break that resistance, I cannot imagine the size of the waves once the storm starts! Yes we will be about the marine domain today (smile)!
  2. The second observation is about the number of Feathercoin moved from one wallet to another over the day. At the time of writing, it is 9,419,141 FTC. What an incredible amount. When you look at the details, you can find that 7,518,163 FTC were moved in a single block. What does it means?

7,518,163 FTC is 2.69% of all available Feathercoin. So definitely we can say that a whale made a move. Even if the blockchain keep all transactions public, it remains difficult to understand clearly the moves as a same person could own as much wallet / address as he want.

Are you the type of person who hold all your coin on a single address or do you split your coins across multiple addresses?

I guess splitting across multiple addresses is better to create confusion and stay more anonymous.

What is definitely possible is to see when moves are done to or from an exchange. In our case today there was not interaction with an exchange so the whale is probably making some maintenance of his “fortune”. It might be a move to a new wallet to improve the security.

At least it shows that those funds are moving and these coins are in true circulation which is good. The more circulation and transactions, the better is the economy.

As of this week-end, I have decided to stop my article on Saturday and Sunday as there is much less readers on those two days (it looks like I have more success when people are at work!).

However, the daily giveaways will be maintain.

I wish you an excellent week-end.

Feathercoin Writer

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