Dear friends, June is starting today. A new month and new experiences ahead. Happy to see Feathercoin on a positive trend for a few weeks.

Today, I would like to take a moment to speak about a technical indicator. Once again, we can see that the crypto-currencies behaves on exchanges like equity do.

Do you know anything about technical analysis? May be some basis. To explain it in simple words, let say that the technical analysis try to foresee the future based on past observations. This is done through statistics and more or less complex formula.

One simple indicator is the moving average but another really good and simple is the AWESOME INDICATOR. Fantastic name no? Doesn’t ring a bell?

On the below graph, the Awesome Indicator is on the lower part of the graph. To make it simple. When the bars are below 0, it means that the trend is negative while when the bars are over 0, the trend is positive.

The color of the bar is a comparison with the previous bar.

When the bar is under 0, green means that the trend go towards positive; while red means that the trend is going even worst.

When the bar is over 0, green means that the trend is more and more solid; while red means that the positive trend is less powerful.

Feathercoin went recently from a negative trend to a positive trend; hopefully we will accumulate several green bars and keep this momentum.

This indicator is very powerful. I wish you to use it in addition to your current experience in order to reinforce your analysis prior starting any trade.

Have a good day and good trades!

Feathercoin Writer

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