DAY 029: The POWER of CYCLES to reach the next LEVEL

I am so happy to see the Feathercoin price back above 0.01$ this morning. Thanks to Bitcoin move overnight back above 10,000$. Still going up & down of that level for how many time before we reach the next level?

All around us, at any scale, the nature is made of cycles. Whenever your are conscious of it or not, the nature play the game and never stop cycles. The earth cycle of 24h, around the sun in 365, even the entire solar system and our galaxy is turning in cycles and therefore going through may different places in space.

Every cell, product, program are affected by cycles. Sometimes it is mathematical cycles that you can predict precisely while some times it is much more random but still making cycles.

The crypto-currency universe is also affected by cycles. Some are very mathematical such as the halving which is programed in Bitcoin DNA. Some are more random like the recent move of BITCOIN from a very old wallet or the way countries are giving support or rejection to the Crypto World.

When you understand the cycle, you must also understand that you should follow the cycle. The force are so strong that we you position yourself against the cycle you will face very hard times. Think about the stream of a river. Do you prefer following the stream and enjoy the journey or going against it?

Bitcoin is expending, every day the eco-system growth and the its famous intrinsic value increase as well along the way. Yes, the price is still going up & down but the long-term trend is on a very powerful positive side.

The energy will release soon and the entire crypt world will reach new all-time highs. Everyday events are enforcing the need of BITCOIN, the need of decentralized system, the need of a control by the people.

When you take a cab, you decide of the destination right? And the driver take you there and take the best road.

The leaders of our countries are like the driver of the cab. They are paid to drive us to the destination with the best road. They are not paid to select the destination for us.

At the moment, the leaders are choosing the destination and the way to get their on our behalf.

It is time for a new cycle start. A cycle where the people will get back their power of choosing their (financial in this case) destination. A time for us, to reach the next level.

Have a lovely day,

Feathercoin Writer

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