Dear follower, today is the last day of the first month of our program “Feathercoin To Mars”. What an exciting journey so far.

Here are the figures:

  • 32,548 FTC distributed through the daily giveaways which represent at the current price of $0.009274 a total of $301.45.
  • On day 1 the FTC price was $0.0085. Over the period, the lowest was at $0.0083 and the highest at $0.0101. Today we are at $0.0092, an increase of 8.5%.
  • 1,728,000 new FTC have been mined over the period. Around 0.5% of all coins.
  • We had a total of 1,030 visitors on the website.
  • The most active countries being: United States, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Russia, Italy and India.
  • The best audience was on day 4 “Accumulate as much Feathercoin as Satoshi Nakamoto holds Bitcoin”
  • Our article have received good comments on
  • We have also contributed to the page whereby our strong price keep Feathercoin at first position right now.

I enjoy a lot to write those daily articles even if it take me a lot of energy. I cannot guarantee the same velocity overtime but I promise that the giveaways are here to stay.

I hope you enjoy it as well. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback, if there is any subject you would like more information; it will be my pleasure to address it.

Feathercoin Writer.

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