Feathercoin Writer Presents “OmniFeather”

Hi, I am happy to be back at writing.

Changing habits is good, it helps you discover new possibilities and grow your universe.

So, what is new with Feathercoin (other than the price jumped from 0.0088$ in June to 0.0148$ now)

Well, things are moving. For most of you, only the tip of the iceberg is visible and it is normal. Diving on the deep crypto ocean is not accessible to everybody.

This is a World where you find …. Whales but also new breakthrough technologies.

I am certainly not asking you to understand the details. How many tools are you using every day without knowing how it was developed?

How much time the inventor failed before it became a successful product like Edison with the first bulb?

Feathercoin exist since 2013 and yes we had failures and success over the years but the core foundation and vision are still there. In one way or an other, the repeated effort will pay overtime. This is a core principle of the universal laws.

2020 marks the introduction of OmniFeather.

OmniFeather makes smart properties and a decentralized exchange possible on the Feathercoin Blockchain.

The new features will be activated on 9th December.

Starting on November 26th, I will write a daily article till 9th December in order to give you more information about OmniFeather, Feathercoin and the various use cases we can see now and in the future.

So stay tuned and be ready for the kick-off of this new journey.

Your Friend,

Feathercoin Writer

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