13 Days Left: “Why copying a business is better than innovate?”

Hey man, what a title for the first article.

Oh, yes, I wanted to start a bit sarcastic and in the same time reveal some important concepts.

Since 2013 Feathercoin has been copying the others cryptocurrencies in a beautiful way.

Why should we reinvent the wheel when BITCOIN is outrageously dominating the market since 2009? Do you think that Burger King wanted to leave the market to McDonalds alone? Is “Burger King” fundamentally different from Mc Donalds?

Copying the best gives much more guarantee on the success than innovating.

So what?

Feathercoin share the same code base version as BITCOIN. Obviously there are some differences:

  • Feathercoin block time is 1 minute opposed to 10 minutes for BITCOIN. In other words 10 times faster processing.
  • Feathercoin supply is 336 Millions FTC opposed to 21 Millions BTC. 16 times BTC supply. (for people who believe in the power of numbers; 336 is much more powerful than 21)
  • Feathercoin POW algorithm is Neoscrypt opposed to SHA-256 for BITCOIN. Neoscrypt works only on GPU processor enhance it is ASIC resistant. In other words, it offers much more guarantee of decentralization as everyone with a computer could mine Feathercoin. Unfortunately, right now, a big miner is taking 90% of the network. It may sounds very bad however it might be a sign of longer term plan preparation.

You can find other differences but here are the main.

Just a last one to mention. Bitcoin Market Capitalization is 312 Billions dollars while Feathercoin is 2.5 Millions dollars.

On 9th December 2020, Omnifeather will be activated on the Feathercoin blockchain and you know what? It is another copy.

The core developers have adapted the Omni Layer for BITCOIN to have it running on the Feathercoin Blockchain. Omni Layer is the main component which was used at the launch of the Tether stable coin in 2014.

Since that time, the technology have been proven and billions of dollars have transited securely through this protocol.

Obviously, with his success, BITCOIN required high transaction fee to process BITCOIN or Tether transactions therefore Feathercoin offers now the same functionality at much lower cost.

The objective of Feathercoin is to attract new projects such as token or stable coin in order to build a new “non-elitist” eco-system.

Bitcoin is the gold standard, the reference. Feathercoin is the challenger offering the same technology at a lower cost.

Would you still pay a pizza with Bitcoin? probably not.

Would you pay a pizza with Feathercoin? probably yes.

I guess, you truly imagine the potential.

With those words, let me share with you the Omnifeather video.


The Feathercoin Writer.

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