11 Days Left: What is the problem / solution match with Omnifeather

Dear follower,

I am happy to write you this morning. This is a sunny day here in Belgium and I am full of energy.

The famous problem / solution duo.

If you want a successful product it must provide a solution to a true problem.

What is the problem Omnifeather is fixing?

As already said, Feathercoin is complementary to BITCOIN and offer a low-cost alternative with similar features.

Today, BITCOIN if facing 3 major issues:

  • The cost of transactions (paid in BITCOIN) is getting higher and higher when translated in dollars. In fact the transaction cost if based on the total number of transactions per block and on the priority. Therefore the more transactions you have on BITCOIN the more transactions fee you pay. In parallel, since the BITCOIN price is increasing, the transaction cost in Dollar increase like crazy.
  • The processing time of transaction is every 10 minutes. Moreover, when the network is overload, it could take several blocks time before the transaction is actually processed. Therefore you loose a part of the expected benefit of a digital / blockchain transaction.
  • The third problem is about accessibility. As the price of BITCOIN increase, it becomes less and less possible for a majority of people to buy BITCOIN. Yes you can buy still some sat but are you really happy with that? A guy who want to buy some gold but don’t have enough money to buy a gold coin. Would it prefer to buy some grams of gold or a silver coin? I guess the silver coin would be much more tangible hence would appear much more valuable than the small pieces of gold. Feathercoin is still accessible for the majority of the World population.

Okay, but I am more speaking about Feathercoin than Omnifeather right? Yes, but in fact what is said for Feathercoin is also valid for Omnifeather.

And how Omnifeather fix those problems?

Well, it is not rocket science. All the benefits of the Feathercoin blockchain are given to the Omnifeather layer and therefore, it enables you to setup a new token with low transaction fee, fast processing and that get be bought with a cheap currency.

At the end of the day, you could open it to much higher number of (small) projects. It could also become a live “sandbox” for BITCOIN projects. Instead of running on BITCOIN testnet, you can validate your project on FEATHERCOIN mainnet with real transactions at a lower cost.

Time after time, the successful projects will be still able to exchange their Feathercoin for BITCOIN.

Feathercoin and Omnifeather offer alternative to BITCOIN. You can see already huge benefits today but do you imagine when the BITCOIN price will reach 100K and more. Every week, the benefits of Omnifeather are growing.

Of course, there are other benefits and we will reveal later on.

Have a great day.

Feathercoin Writer

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