8 Days Left: Omnifeather is a relic?

It is a good morning.

I like to wake-up, browse the Feathercoin Channel and finding a comment saying that Omnifeather is a relic.

Do you know that the crypto world started 11 years ago; even BITCOIN is still a child.

Today, the society is going so fast (thanks or not to digital) that people have lost the “time” concept.

Everything must be available in a minute.

Why this guy is not answering my phone call?

Oh yes man , he was just waiting for you all the day long…

Yes but he is “green” on Whatsapp!

Don’t you think he might be busy with something interesting and he don’t want to talk NOW. Can’t it wait a moment?

Same with crypto, I want fast money, I want new tech, I want instant payment, I want instant pleasure… I am addicted to “broken attention”. Please interrupt me.

Omnifeather is based on Omni Layer which is the first layer 2 implemented on BITCOIN.

It is far from a Relic. It is proven, robust and still under development.

Yes some people moved away from it for a newer technologies but it doesn’t reduce the value of the omni layer.

Feathercoin has strong technical foundation and his building the tech one step at a time.

I am working in an institutional environment and I can tell you that massive institution such as JPMorgan or Black Rock are much more keen to use robust and proven technologies rather than the latest framework.

When those guys will be massively entering the Crypto World, they will look for cryptocurrencies such as Feathercoin. Not to replace BITCOIN but to create alternatives and offering various products to their clients.

Enjoy your day and may the feather bring you to the sky (and beyond).

Feathercoin Writer

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