1 Day Left: Omnifeather WILL NOT activate tomorrow.

At the time of writing (11:47 am CET), the Feathercoin Blockchain is at block number 3450164.

Omnifeather will activate at block 3,454,000.

It means that we still need 3836 blocks before the activation.

At a 1 minute per block speed, it means that we still need to wait 3836 / 60 = 63 hours so more than 2 days an a half.

Therefore Omnifeather will activate either on 10th December in the evening, more likely on the 11th in the morning.

This illustrate another principle of blockchain whereby the mining of blocks is not an exact science in term of timing.

In fact over the last weeks the Feathercoin Blockchain was subject to many hashpower variations. As a result, the mining speed is not constant and over time it tends to delay blocks production.

I will make the calculation again tomorrow and see where it goes.

Meanwhile, feel free to:

  • Join us on the Feathercoin Telegram Channel to discuss about or ask your questions about Omnifeather.
  • Visit the omnifeather website to get more information like the document to setup your own token.

Have a great day,

Feathercoin Writer

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