Feathercoin 5 Years Vision Essay

Dear followers,

It has been a while since the latest post.

And it is the first in 2021!

Time is running so fast since Omnifeather went live last December. Everything works perfect. One step at a time according to the plan.

In 2021, we will work on

  • Omnifeather Web Wallet
  • Omnifeather Explorer
  • Support of NFT tokens on the omnifeather layer

With BITCOIN doing new highs, we can all feel the excitement, the enthusiasm, as we know that more than ever, the altcoin season is coming.

For Feathercoin, the altcoin season is also about Halving coming at the summer.

Someone in the Telegram Channel asked about the Feathercoin vision and I tried to draft an essay on this one:


We are now in January 2026.

  • 2 halvings have passed since January 2021.
  • 10 FTC are generated every minute.
  • Around 300 Millions FTC are in circulation; 90% of total supply.
  • Omnifeather hosts several tokens used by decentralized apps.
  • Feathercoin is fully interconnected to other blockchain with decentralized swap and exchanges.
  • Feathercoin is used as a currency in an international decentralized education system whereby teachers/coaches and students pay with Feathercoin. (Feather is also a means for writing hence a good symbol of knowledge and not only lightness)
  • The Feathercoin foundation / headquarter operates 24/7 from Switzerland with a growing team of 30 persons spread all over the World.

This Vision is not only written.

I can already see it and live it in my dreams.

For those of you who knows about the energy and the laws of the universe, you will understand that every BIG project in the World started with a dream…

You are all welcome to join us on that journey.

A new era has already started.

An era of the knowledge. An era were the light and the lightness are essential to build the new economy.

This is the destiny of Feathercoin.

Happy 2021! I wish you the best for this New-Year.

Feathercoin Writer.

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