DAY 010: 3 METHODS to keep your Cryptocurrencies SAFE

You know, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are secure by default in term of transactions and access to your funds. Nevertheless it requires some good practice from the user. Yes, you and me, we are human and therefore we can make mistakes at any time. Remember the day when you lost some photos or documents because ofContinue reading “DAY 010: 3 METHODS to keep your Cryptocurrencies SAFE”

WHY this PROGRAM is different?

Well, 7 years is the age of reason, the fundamentals are mastered and we begin to develop our personality. You know, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see each of us having success together. Feathercoin Writer On this blog, I will disclose many information in order to give you a powerfulContinue reading “WHY this PROGRAM is different?”